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horii   Professor Hideyuki Horii
Address   7-3-1 Hongo, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo 113-8656, Japan
Phone +81- 3-5841-6090
FAX +81-3-5841-7496
Research Sociotechnology, Safety and Security

Introduction to Sociotechnology (undergraduate)
Case Studies of International Project (undergraduate)
Applied Project V (undergraduate)
Introduction to International Project (undergraduate)
Sociotechnology (graduate)
Risks and International Cooperation in Asia (graduate)

  Bio&CV / Research / Advising Theses / Publications / Professional Service / Honors  
Mar 1980: B.E. (Civil Engineering), The University of Tokyo
Aug 1981: M.E. (Civil Engineering),
     Northwestern University
Aug 1983: Ph.D. (Civil Engineering),
     Northwestern University
Sep 1983: Postdoctoral Fellow, Dept. of Civil Engineering,
     Northwestern University
Apr 1985: Assistant Professor, Dept. of Civil Engineering,
     The University of Tokyo
Apr 1986: Associate Professor, Dept of Civil Engineering,
     The University of Tokyo
Apr 1989 - Apr 1990: Visiting Associate Professor,
     Asian Institute of Technology
Apr 1996: Professor, Dept of Civil Engineering,
     The University of Tokyo
Apr 2008: Vice Dean, School of Engineering,
     The University of Tokyo

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  Current Research Topics
Designing sociotechnology and its designing framework
Problem solving in international projects
Transdisciplinary knowledge utilization
Recent Theses/Dissertations Advised
Masterfs Theses Advised:
Takahiro Saigo, M.E., March 2009
"Political process analysis of the dispute regarding the decision making of high-level radioactive waste repository siting at Toyo-cho, Kochi, Japan"
Koichiro Nakao, M.E., March 2009
"Proposal of safety culture assessment method using interview on scenarios of inappropriate activities -Trial in nuclear plant-"
Terumi Ishii, M.E., March 2008
"Study on feasibility of provision against air pollution: Applying political process analysis in the Philippines"
Aya Okuda, M.E., March 2008
"Political process analysis of the dispute resolution by Suzuki Motor Corporation in India"

Undergraduate Theses Advised:
Itaru Nagao, B.E., March 2009
"Problem analysis of ESCO business development in China and its solutions"
Taisuke Yoshida, B.E., March 2009
"Analysis of problem solving mechanisms of social enterprises and suggestions to desiging solutions of social problems"
Yuta Hashimoto, B.E., March 2008
"Analysis of water distribution between owner and tenant: A case study of the middle-income households in the Kathmandu Metropolitan Area, Nepal"
1) Hideyuki Horii (ed). (2006). Sociotechnology for safety and security. Tokyo, Japan: University of Tokyo Press. (in Japanese) (ISBN: 4130611585)
2) Hideyuki Horii. (2004). "Sociotechnology" for problem solving: Transdisciplinary and cooperative utilization of knowledge. Tokyo, Japan: Chuou-kouron Shinsha. (in Japanese) (ISBN: 4121017404)
3) Y. Okui and H. Horii, gA micromechanics-based continuum theory for microcracking localization of rocks under compressionh, Continuum Models for Materials with Microstructure (Edited by H.-B. Muhlhaus), J. Wiley Interscience, Chapter 2 (1995) 28-68.

Professional and Public Service

President, Sociotechnology Research Network, 2007-
Chair, Center for Knowledge Structuring, April 2009-
Vice Dean, School of Engineering, April 2008-
Director, the Public Relations Office,
     School of Engineering, April 2004-


Incentive Article Award, Japan Society of Civil Engineers, 1986
IUTAM Bureau Prize, International Union of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics, 1988
Article Award, Japanese Committee for Rock Mechanics, 2005


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