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International Project Laboratory: Faculty members
HORII Hideyuki / Professor E-mail:    
  • Degree: PhD (Civil Engieering, Northwestern University)
  • Research fields: Sociotechnology, Safety and Security
  • Current researches/studies:
    • Designing sociotechnology and its designing framework
    • Problem solving in international projects
    • Transdisciplinary knowledge utilization

HONDA Riki / Professor E-mail:
  • Degree: Doctor of Engineering (Civil Engineering, Kyoto University)
  • Research fields: Earthquake engineering, Earthquake Disaster Management and Mitigation
  • Current researches/studies:
    • Evolution process of organizations in disaster management
    • Social networks analysis of diffusion of information in communities
    • Earthquake engineering considering nonlinear structural dynamics
    • Influence of uncertainties in seismic design and earthquake disaster mitigation

KATO Hironori / Professor E-mail:
  • Degree: Doctor of Engineering (Civil Engineering, the University of Tokyo)
  • Research fields: Transportation planning, Transportation policy
  • Current researches/studies:
    • Transportation planning in Asian countries
    • Activity-based travel modeling
    • Valuation of travel time and economic assessment

KOMATSUZAKI Shunsaku / Assistant Professor E-mail:
  • Degree: Doctor of Engineering (the University of Tokyo) and M.A. (Political Science, Rutgerts, the State University of New Jersey)
  • Research fields: Sociotechnology, Policy analysis/evaluation, Healthcare policy
  • CV: Download from the link
  • Current researches/studies:
    • A multidimensional evaluation of the resident (doctor's training) program
    • Policy process analysis of radioactive waste management policies/disputes in the world
    • Case writing of international projects

MORIKAWA So / Assistant Professor E-mail:      
  • Degree: PhD (Public Administration, the University of Tokyo)
  • Research fields: Public Administration, Public Policy
  • CV: not ready yet
  • Current researches/studies:
    • Land acquisition and involuntary resettlement in infrastructure projects
    • Social welfare as a collective action
    • Comparative analysis of administrative organization and their public relations
  • Recent Publications


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