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VOL.6: Thanh (Hoang Chi Thanh)(2007年10月 修士課程入学)







  Vol.1: 深谷 正史
  Vol.2: 橋本 雄大
  Vol.3: 恩賀 万理恵
  Vol.4: 大垣 俊朗

  Vol.5: Jin
  Vol.6: Thanh

  Vol.7: 森川 想
  Vol.8: 鈴木 麻友
  Vol.9: 王 暁宜
  Vol.10: 西尾 陽平
  Vol.11: 中村 直嗣


     Before coming Japan, I used to study about Civil Engineering in my country. After the graduation, I would like to continue studying as a graduated student in oversea where I can have more chances to improve my knowledge about Civil Engineering. On the other hand, I also interest in doing research about international construction projects. For these desires, International Project Lab in Civil Engineering Department is one of the best choices for me. And I am glad to become one member of this Lab.


"Social Network Analysis: Information Exchange between Affected-Households in ADB's Resettlement Project in Vietnam"

     I am really happy with my life here where I have a good research environment, great professors, nice friends, and kindly faculty members. Our Lab is really a big family where any member always help each other in not only research but also life. I feel I am so lucky to be one member of the great family.

     I believe that you will enjoy your life in here as a member of International Project Lab. Best wishes to you!


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