Developing countries are exposed to various types of risks including natural disasters.  Preparation for such risks is necessary, but no countermeasure can provide perfect protection against severe disasters.  In the presence of various threats such as climate change, huge earthquakes and tsunamis, society needs to be endowed with capability of adaptation and resilience.  In our group, mechanism of collective behavior observed in the community coping with the situation with severe uncertainty is discussed from the viewpoints of social networks, game theory, and adaptive systems theory etc.  Development and management of infrastructure systems, advanced design methods, and international technology transfer are also of our interest, because they are essential for the society to manage the risks.  Our group discusses innovative methodologies that retain rationality even under severely uncertain situations.


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Our Team was established in 2012, when I moved from Dept. of Civil Engineering, University of Tokyo.

We welcome those who want to make application of engineering knowledge to social design, social management in the context of internationl development, those who want to see new aspects of international development, and so on. If you are interested in such ideas, you can knock on our door.

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