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Aiming at creating new technological system            in order to solve social problems related to safety and security

The research is proceeded through the methods shown below:


Method 1: Systematization of needs and structurization of knowledge
To systematize the needs (request for engineering) related to social problems on safety, and to structurize the knowledge responding to each of the needs so that it becomes possible to grasp the total image of complicated problems.


Method 2: Making clear of facts and generate common recognition
By listing up facts to be identified for the solution of problems, prioritizing them, making clear of the facts from those with higher priority down and providing the basis, generate common recognition and form basis for the social decision making on the selection and implementation of the solutions.


Method 3: Development of innovative technology
In advance to the solution of social problems related to safety, to develop technologies that incorporate innovation of social system.


Method 4: Presentation of how social system should be
With the results of methods 1 through 3 as presupposition, to present the form of social system that should be for the realization of society that is safe and in which people can live secured. In particular, to try to present the way how the social decision making/ implementation system should be and how the education/ social communication should be.


General Research

Interactive Knowledge Process

Failure Study


Legal System

Risk Management

Nuclear Safety I

Nuclear Safety II

Chemical Process Safety

Seismic Disaster Prevention

Traffic Safety

Medical Safety

Safety of Foods
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