The International Project Laboratory (IPL) is a core of International Project Group at the Department of Civil Engineering, The University of Tokyo.

Established in 2005, IPL is recognized for its multidisciplinary research activities. Four faculty members, research staff and students are widely known for their leadership in challenging new ideas and trends in the planning, design, management of international project. IPL is distinguished in its research and teaching.

Research in IPL is both empirical and theoretical, traversing many domains in the international development context: designing sociotechnology and its designing framework; social network analysis; disaster mitigation management; earthquake engineering; transportation planning; water allocation; poverty analysis and social marketing. Current research being done in the International Project Laboratory can be viewed at the web site of IPL. Technical reports are also available there.

Teaching is formalized in the classroom, but constantly challenged and enriched through the various on-going projects of faculty members in the lab and the wider influence of International Project Group.

Students working in IPL are admitted to Department of Civil Engineering, The University of Tokyo. Usually undergraduate students with primary interest in international project come from The University of Tokyo, while postgraduate students with interest in sociotechnology, social network analysis, earthquake engineering, transportation, water and poverty issues as well as international project come from both The University of Tokyo and other universities. Because of the interdisciplinary nature of the lab, there are no rigid student classifications; undergraduates, Masters students and Ph.D. candidates can work with any faculty member or any research project. It is just this interdisciplinary composition of the research teams that has proven the IPL to be a good environment for nurturing interesting and profitable ideas.

The procedure for entrance to our laboratory is based on the rules and regulations of the Department of Civil Engineering. For inquiries about admission procedures, please visit our department website or contact our department.

Currently (October 2019), our laboratory has 3 doctoral students (3 international students; from China, India, and Thailand), 14 master’s students (1 international student; from France), and 8 undergraduate students (1 international student; from South Korea).

当研究室は,工学系研究科 社会基盤学専攻(工学部 社会基盤学科)における「国際プロジェクトコース」の中心となる研究室です.