Lab Member’s Voice VOL. XII: Jay (Jetpan Wetwitoo)

What you can expect here:

  • The International Project Lab is a multi-discipline research group, aiming to solve the problem from the various case studies around the world
  • Full freedom in curriculum
    • U-Tokyo’s Civil Engineering Department does not have a required course. You just have to finish the required credits from any courses in the university.
    • More than half of my credits are from public policy school.
  • Extensive research meetings and discussions
    • Lab meetings and team meetings are usually held once a month. Students take a turn to present their research progress and receive comments from other members.
    • Individual discussion with your advisor is at least once a month, twice a month should be typical for some students. This is to ensure that your research is on the right track and be able to graduate within your scholarship period.
  • Activities and recreation
    • Department, lab, and team trips are usually organized once a year each. You can enjoy a site visit to many famous infrastructures near Tokyo.
    • You are also encouraged to join and present your research at any academic conference. This is to widen your perspective outside the discussion at the University.

As for me:

  • Three years as a student and half a year as a researcher shaped me into a completely different person. I have equipped with new knowledge, especially in the field of international development. Working ethics are also emphasized by my advisor for success in my career path.

For prospect students:

  • If you are interested in infrastructure development, not only in your country but from around the world, this is a place for you.