Lab Member’s Voice VOL. XV: Lucas (Lucas Bispo de Oliveira Alvez)

Why I chose the International Project Lab?

I came to Japan and specifically to the International Project Lab in search for state-of-the-art knowledge related to a field I believed my country sorely needed: Infrastructure. But, I must say that I actually found much more than that. The lab provided me with a privileged environment for the exchange of ideas among students and researchers from several countries. It was challenging and at the same time encouraging, thanks to the support from all lab members. Through the meetings, seminars, social activities and thoughtful guidance from the Professors, every student can be certain to grow over time and find a better version of him or herself by the time they graduate.

My Research:

“Land Property Rights and Their Impacts on Agricultural Economic Productivity: Case Study from Brazil”

Thanks to the multidisciplinary aspect of our lab and the freedom to explore our ideas without constraints, I was able to develop research that combined concepts of transportation, psychology and economics in the attempt to understand how development happens.

Life in the Lab and in Japan

Life has been a great adventure since day one. Japan is a country full of mysteries waiting to be uncovered little by little by those who dare to explore it. The lab and the University provide many opportunities to do so, by organizing great trips and cultural events. When it comes to research work, of course it does get tough at times. But, never be discouraged! Reach out to your colleagues, trust your Professor, believe in yourself! If you have come this far, you can make it to the end and beyond!