Lab Member’s Voice VOL. XVII: Seta (Prasongchai Setthasuravich)

Why you should choose the International Project Lab?

I am from the political science field and am interested in the issue of transportation policy. I found that one of Prof. Kato’s published papers, entitled “Public policy structuring incorporating reciprocal expectation analysis,” was well suited to my research interests. This made me feel very fortunate and enthusiastic about working with him as my supervisor. In addition, the interdisciplinary nature of IP labs creates an outstanding education ecosystem for prospective students from diverse backgrounds interested in studying and pursuing degrees in the civil engineering field. This is a great chance for me to apply to the IP lab where I found a very well-matched supervisor and research ecosystem for all disciplines and backgrounds.

My life in Japan

The three years of my doctoral journey have been an incredible period in which I have learned a great deal about Japanese culture and philosophy and have had the opportunity to travel across Japan. All IP lab members (i.e., sensei, senpai, and kōhai) have warmly welcomed me. They have always been encouraging and very supportive of me throughout this period. I want to say “Thank you so much” (Khob Khun Krub) to them—I already miss them all again! These are memorable moments that I will not forget throughout my whole life.

Message for future students/applicants

Although I made several mistakes during my doctoral journey, I have learned a lot from those experiences by accepting them and attempting to correct my errors again and again. My message to future students is that sometimes you may fail and make mistakes but always try again. Your doctoral journey is the place where mistakes are expected and respected. You have to learn how to correct those mistakes, which may require more effort and discipline to achieve. Dare to overcome all mistakes and failures, and don’t give up on your dreams.